Are You Progesterone-Deficient?

This website is about how to correct deficiency of the human steroid Progesterone.

Progesterone is one of the body’s most important regulating substances. A youthful body that is functioning correctly and is well-nourished makes all the progesterone that it needs, and has no need for progesterone supplementation.

Stresses of all types both increase the body’s need for Progesterone, and reduces the bodies’ capacity to synthesize all the Progesterone that it needs. In the modern world, most people are progesterone deficient.

ALL women who have challenges with their “woman parts” are probably progesterone-deficient. This deficiency usually stems from an anovulatory cycle (where NO egg is released, and therefore NO extra progesterone is produced), or a “luteal phase defect” where the ovary’s corpus luteum fails to manufacture enough progesterone.

Other factors also contribute to “woman problems”. But while you figure these out, it’s nice to have a supplement to help you get through the month.

We would LOVE to list all the conditions that improve when a Progesterone deficiency is corrected, but the U.S. Food & Drug Administration does NOT allow us to share the many benefits that accrue from giving one’s body adequate amount of Progesterone to work with. This is because no one has spent the millions required to perform clinical trials to “prove” that topical progesterone supplements benefit any condition. The only way to recoup the millions spent on FDA approval is with patents to protect the special chemical. The only progesterone patent of any importance expired long ago, so there is no way to pay for the trials and studies that the FDA requires for “drug claims”.

But preliminary investigations have found that Progesterone USP is fantastically useful for helping humans of both genders survive traumatic brain injuries (NY Times article). Progesterone injections (which are sub-optimal, but much better than ‘placebo’) is so incredibly successful with improving brain trauma survival rates and long-term outcomes  that investigators have decided there is NO justification from withholding the treatment from the head-injury patients who might otherwise receive the placebo treatment.

Our Progesterone USP preparation is based on an earlier patented formula. We are investigating how to protect our trade secrets with patents, but we cannot justify withholding this formula for you while we wait for the attorneys’ opinions.

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